Kentucky Moms Ride Affordable Golf Carts Florida in Port Charlotte

We have received scattered reports of Kentucky Moms riding affordable golf carts Florida in Port Charlotte and elsewhere. The simple truth of the matter is that Kentucky Moms travel outside the state of Kentucky and engage in all manner of activities. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these reports have bubbled to the surface and reached the Kentucky Moms Blog editorial department. As such, it should also come as no surprise that this is the subject of this particular blog post. The fact that these reports have been generated in Port Charlotte, however, should in no way apply that Port Charlotte is the only location outside of the state of Kentucky where Kentucky Moms may find themselves traveling.


The connection between Kentucky Moms, Florida and golf carts probably requires further explanation. It is certainly conceivable that a Kentucky Mom could be sighted in any other state in the union. It is also conceivable that a Kentucky Mom could be sighted engaged in an activity other than driving a golf cart (affordable or otherwise) within this state that is not Florida. So why then (asks you gentle reader) are we focusing in on this particular state and this particular activity?

This is a good question but not one that is likely to be answered before the end of this paragraph. You see (gentle reader) this blog post was not created with the intention of answering that question. Rather, this blog post was written with the intention of getting you the reader to answer the question in your own mind and on your own terms. The Kentucky Moms Blog came into being to promote the premise that Kentucky Moms can think and act on their own. That is why this particular blog post was written.

9 Super Tips To Get More Done Part Two

In the last post we went over how four of nine ways to make balancing work and your family a little bit more manageable.  This will help not only the working moms out there but also just about everyone out there who are balancing work and family.  Using these tips will help to give your life more balance and organization.  So let’s dive in.

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Tip #5

When it comes to working most moms want something that is flexible.   Most working moms agree that having a flexible work schedule would help them balance their lives more and help them have less stress.  We all know that when mom is happy everyone is happy.  So the question is now, how can we get the boss to say yes? Well first be specific on the hours you do want to work.  If you want to be home for your kids tell your boss that.  Second be positive on your requested.  Tell your boss that this will help you make the best of your skill set.  You must also be realistic.  You can’t expect to only work an hour everyday.

Tip #6

Make a family calendar.  Put all the important events that are coming up on the calendar.  Things like soccer games, school functions should all be on there.  This should be in a place that everyone can see.  You should also make sure that everyone puts all the stuff on them.  You could also color coat chores and events so that you know which person has one what going on.

Tip #7

Leave work at work.  Everyone has a hard time not taking work home.  So leave all the stress from work somewhere along the way home.  Turn off the notifications for your work email and don’t look at it when your at home.  If you do have to bring work home then do it in a private room where when your done you can shut the door and leave it.

Tip #8

Spend a little time on you.  There should be time to do what you want to do.  Read a book or take a bubble bath. There is plenty of time to take a couple minutes for yourself.  This is so important when it comes to balancing life and work.

Tip #9

The final tip could be the most important thing in this quest.  Let go of perfection.  Nobody is perfect and trying to be perfect all time will just wear you out.  So just do the best you can do everyday.  This will lower your stress and make life a little easier which we can all use.

Follow all these tips to make your life a little easier. This could seriously help anyone working for Scentsy.

Tips to help you run a successful and organized work from home business

Working from home is a dream job for every mother but it doesn’t come without it’s own challenges. Between the kids schedule, dinner than needs prepping, and your own sanity running a home based business isn’t always easy. However there are a few tips that can help you keep your life organized sot that your work from home business doesn’t suffer. These few tips will not only increase productivity but help with your sanity as well.


1. Use an online notebook such as “Evernote”

As a mom you are always on the go. Soccer games, ballet lessons, grocery shopping, etc. with an app like Evernote you can jot down your thoughts, to do list, save pictures, articles, or quotes on any of your devices. It is available where ever you go, that means that you will never have to worry about forgetting that one thing you thought of while you were out and about.

2. Check lists

I am one who thrives on check lists. There is something about looking back on your day and seeing all of those little check markers. With an app like “To-doist” you can segment your check list into mom things, business things, or personal things. You can set reminders, set priorities, and even color coordinate each sections. This is a great tool to keep you organized and help you manage all the different areas of your life!

3. Timing tool

Any mom will tell you that timing is everything. Running a home based business is no exception, especially when it comes to advertising through social media. Every platform has optimal times for posting to get the most page views. Well what if that time happens to be during soccer practice or your kids first school play. And lets be honest here, as a mom you don’t have the time to keep up on that anyway. There is a fabulous tool called Buffer that always you to schedule when things are posted on your social media platforms. It also allows you to schedule several posts in advance so you can do this a week at a time.

These tips can save you time and maybe even a little sanity, especially when you are running a direct sales business like when you are a Scentsy Consultant. Don’t let the thought of running a home based business get you down. Take advantage of the tools that are available to help you.

Tips for Moms

Work from home with ScentsyWorking from home can be an amazing opportunity until you through your children into the mix. They create a much more difficult environment. Work from home jobs come in lots of different varieties, telecommuting, direct sales like Scentsy Wickless Candles, and so much more but they all present challenges when kids run around your home. Here are a few tips to making working from home with kids just a little simpler.

Set a schedule for yourself – Kids thrive on schedules and routines, be consistent in your weekly schedule. Have a designated space and time of when you work. Your kids will catch on very quickly that mom is working during that time.

Get your kids involved – This isn’t always the easiest thing to do if your children are young but when possible get your kids involved in your business. Have them label things or organize your desk. (It doesn’t have to be directly related to your business but if they feel like they are helping mom they will enjoy you working) Consider having a babysitter come over while you work. Then it gets them out of your space and they think it’s pretty awesome too, win/win!

Use nap time wisely – It is very tempting to use this time to clean up your house or take a nap yourself but if you can maximize your time while they are sleeping you will be much more productive.

Step outside – Working from home can be stressful for you and your kids at times. It is okay to take an afternoon, a day, or even a week off and spend some time outside with the kids every so often. This releases some of the pressure from you and eases the tension around the house. One thing to take note of is focus on what you are doing. If you take a day off to be with the kids, be with the kids. Not answer phone calls or just on your laptop really quick. Stay focused on what you are doing.

Confidence – You have to embrace the simple truth: I can do this. It is an adjustment and you have to be diligent with your time and kids but with a little bit of practice you can have an amazing work from home job where you can make good money.