6 Things to do in your first 6 months of starting a business

Work-From-Home-MomSo you’re a mom, and you want to start a business. Especially one that you can stay at home with those cute kiddos of yours. But where do you start? There are a lot of work at home jobs that are still time demanding and make it so even though you are home you still have to work on someone else’s schedule. Starting a direct selling business like becoming a Scentsy Consultant or Avon Rep could be the way you want to go. When you have your own direct selling business you schedule when you want to work and when you are with your family. It’s a win win. So where do you start? Here are 7 tips that will help you get started during your first six months of business.

  1. Get Organized. I recommend getting a notebook, maybe a couple, to keep all your information in. You are going to have prospective customers and prospective team members that you will want to keep track of. Get a planner so you can schedule your time with your family and when you are going to work.
  2. See what other successful people are doing. Check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and find other people in you profession that are doing well. Follow them and see what they are doing. They became successful for a reason. If you do what they do there is no doubt that you will be successful too.
  3. Start talking about your business. If you don’t open your mouth and start talking about it no one will know that you are even doing a business. Put it out there on Social Media Platforms, tell your neighbors, family, friends, random people you see at the grocery store. The more you talk about it them more prospects you are going to have.
  4. Open a separate bank account. For tax purposes it makes it so much easier to have a separate bank account that is just for your business. This will help you to know what expenses you have, how much you make, and makes things easy to track.
  5. Find Support Groups online and in person. Many “teams” have team meetings that are great to go to. You learn so much from other people, find out what struggles they are having and what successes as well. If you can’t find a meeting place in your area, there are plenty of online groups. Facebook and Google plus have great groups for work at home moms as well as groups that are specific to your niche so if you are selling Avon there are tons of Avon groups. The same is said for Scentsy or any other direct selling company you may have joined.
  6. Make sure you schedule time for yourself. Being a mom is hard enough let alone trying to juggle a work at home job as well. Make sure you are take time to relax, spend quality time with your kids or your husband. Take time to read a good book, take a bubble bath, or do whatever you enjoy. Sometimes when you are first getting started you focus so much on your business and don’t focus on what is the most important.

I hope these tips are helpful and good luck with your new business. By using these tips you will get a good foundation to have a booming business.

Tips for Moms

Work from home with ScentsyWorking from home can be an amazing opportunity until you through your children into the mix. They create a much more difficult environment. Work from home jobs come in lots of different varieties, telecommuting, direct sales like Scentsy Wickless Candles, and so much more but they all present challenges when kids run around your home. Here are a few tips to making working from home with kids just a little simpler.

Set a schedule for yourself – Kids thrive on schedules and routines, be consistent in your weekly schedule. Have a designated space and time of when you work. Your kids will catch on very quickly that mom is working during that time.

Get your kids involved – This isn’t always the easiest thing to do if your children are young but when possible get your kids involved in your business. Have them label things or organize your desk. (It doesn’t have to be directly related to your business but if they feel like they are helping mom they will enjoy you working) Consider having a babysitter come over while you work. Then it gets them out of your space and they think it’s pretty awesome too, win/win!

Use nap time wisely – It is very tempting to use this time to clean up your house or take a nap yourself but if you can maximize your time while they are sleeping you will be much more productive.

Step outside – Working from home can be stressful for you and your kids at times. It is okay to take an afternoon, a day, or even a week off and spend some time outside with the kids every so often. This releases some of the pressure from you and eases the tension around the house. One thing to take note of is focus on what you are doing. If you take a day off to be with the kids, be with the kids. Not answer phone calls or just on your laptop really quick. Stay focused on what you are doing.

Confidence – You have to embrace the simple truth: I can do this. It is an adjustment and you have to be diligent with your time and kids but with a little bit of practice you can have an amazing work from home job where you can make good money.