9 Super Tips To Get More Done Part Two

In the last post we went over how four of nine ways to make balancing work and your family a little bit more manageable.  This will help not only the working moms out there but also just about everyone out there who are balancing work and family.  Using these tips will help to give your life more balance and organization.  So let’s dive in.

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Tip #5

When it comes to working most moms want something that is flexible.   Most working moms agree that having a flexible work schedule would help them balance their lives more and help them have less stress.  We all know that when mom is happy everyone is happy.  So the question is now, how can we get the boss to say yes? Well first be specific on the hours you do want to work.  If you want to be home for your kids tell your boss that.  Second be positive on your requested.  Tell your boss that this will help you make the best of your skill set.  You must also be realistic.  You can’t expect to only work an hour everyday.

Tip #6

Make a family calendar.  Put all the important events that are coming up on the calendar.  Things like soccer games, school functions should all be on there.  This should be in a place that everyone can see.  You should also make sure that everyone puts all the stuff on them.  You could also color coat chores and events so that you know which person has one what going on.

Tip #7

Leave work at work.  Everyone has a hard time not taking work home.  So leave all the stress from work somewhere along the way home.  Turn off the notifications for your work email and don’t look at it when your at home.  If you do have to bring work home then do it in a private room where when your done you can shut the door and leave it.

Tip #8

Spend a little time on you.  There should be time to do what you want to do.  Read a book or take a bubble bath. There is plenty of time to take a couple minutes for yourself.  This is so important when it comes to balancing life and work.

Tip #9

The final tip could be the most important thing in this quest.  Let go of perfection.  Nobody is perfect and trying to be perfect all time will just wear you out.  So just do the best you can do everyday.  This will lower your stress and make life a little easier which we can all use.

Follow all these tips to make your life a little easier. This could seriously help anyone working for Scentsy.

9 Super Tips to Get More Done Part One

We all know moms are very busy.  They always want to know how to get more done during the day.  Here are four tips to be a little bit more productive and get some more done with just the twenty-four hours in a day.

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Step 1

Morning are a great time to get yourself focused and ready for the day.  Start your day not by checking emails or social media but by eating a good breakfast.  Use this time before the kids get up and the busy day starts.  This is a good time to start a to do list and get the order of things.

Step 2

There are so many things that get done during the day.  Some of them don’t always help you be as productive as you can you be.  When you are making the list of everything you want to get done during the day cut out those little things that don’t end up being productive.  Things like being doing laundry and cleaning the house are productive.  Doing all these things get stuff done but only doing one load or one room won’t make you feel productive.

Step 3

Cut your to-do list in half.  Take the less is more approach.  Start with a shorter list and as you are able to get those done then add two it.  This can be as few as one or two tasks or more like nine or ten.  The point is that most people are more likely to be able to cross everything off if there is less.

Step 4

Take more breaks. It doesn’t matter what you do on that break.  This will let your brain get some more blood and oxygen to help you think more clearly.  These breaks will greatly increase your productivity.

There are five more steps to go over that I will go over in the next post.  These tips can be used in anything.  From just getting things done at mom or in a business like Scentsy.