What are Moms missing?

Working from home is a great way for moms with small children or children in general to add an extra income.  But what are moms missing by not going into a place of business? What would they miss at home if they did leave home to find a job?  In this post we are going to break down that information for you.

kentucky moms

Working from home has become a super convenient means for moms to add to the household income.  This allows them to still spend time with their children, while they are still able to work after bedtime or during nap-time. This alternative for moms is great but what are they missing by not entering into a place of business and staying home.  For one they miss the opportunity on health benefits.  Which can be monumental depending on the health care plan that is already set in the home.  They also miss out on the work place relationships.  Which as women can be very important, as we are very social beings.

What would moms being missing by leaving home to work?  They could very possibly be losing the chance to see some of life’s biggest moments for their kids.  Is that really worth the health care benefits?  I don’t think so.  They also miss out on the bonding time that comes from being home with your kids.  Is that worth the workplace relationships?  Is allowing a stranger or a family member to raise your children worth going into a place of business?  Would you want to miss out on those great moments?

Thanks to bushiness like Scentsy and other house hold companies moms can work from home.  By signing up to be a Scentsy consultant you too can work from home.  Take advantage of the resources available if not for yourself then for your children.