A Conversation with a Scentsy Sales Consultant

So you work with Scentsy?


SC : How did you know?


For starters, your wood paneled station wagon is filled with boxes labeled Scentsy candle warmers. Also I can smell about twenty distinct aromas wafting from the direction of your car.


SC : Guilty as charged.


So how did you make the decision to join Scentsy?


SC : I was looking for an opportunity where I could make my own hours and be my own boss. Joining Scentsy as a sales consultant seemed to fit that description.


Have you had a bad experience working for other people?


SC : Yes, I used to work for a company that will remain nameless. I had a supervisor that was always looking over my shoulder and always making me feel like I was trying to hide something or pull one over on the company. I honestly went into work each day trying to do my best and give value to the company so I did not appreciate being made to feel like that was not what I was doing.


Is that the best thing about your decision to join Scentsy?


SC : It is a great thing. But I also really believe in Scentsy’s products. There are so many different types of scents available. There are far too many for me to describe. But I can say without many exceptions that I love each and every one of them.


Do you find that most people who buy Scentsy products have an odor problem they are trying to contend with?


SC : Some of them definitely do. But some of them just want to be in the company of a pleasant scent and not necessarily to cover up a bad one.


In that sense I suppose you could say that there is nothing inherently dishonest about Scentsy products even though they could be used to cover up the truth about the way a room actually smells.


SC : What an odd thing to say.

What To Know About Maid Service Vancouver

What To Know About Maid Service Vancouver

Do you have any idea on the benefits of hiring maid service? Well, if not, here is the right place for you, in Vancouver, may residents take environmental sustainability seriously through hiring maids.

There are a number of benefits of hiring a maid service Vancouver and they are as follows:

i. Professionalism

Hiring a maid will help you to ensure that everything is done professionally and in that case quality will always be high, more so, hiring professionals will help you to ensure that you get the real value for both your time and money.

ii. Ensures regular cleaning

In most cases, commercial properties or business needs to be cleaned each and every time so as to create a good working environment; in that case, they will be able to offer cleaning services as the business continue.

iii. Reliability

They are always reliable and they will always get to your place within the shortest time possible upon your request to offer you high quality services, more so, they are always available at any given time of the day.

iv. Experience

Hiring maid services will help you to ensure that you get the best within the shortest time possible simply because, they have fully mastered the art of cleaning and also the fact that they have got all the necessary skills and expertise to give you the best.

v. Custom cleaning plan

All maid services can always be customized so as to suit your specific needs. Through this, they can work on different settings and structures more so in a professional setting.

In conclusion, hiring maid service is one on the best ways to save on time and money and in the process; you will be able to create a good working environment without the need of cleaning it yourself and at the end of it all you will have saved a lot of time.

9 Super Tips to Get More Done Part One

We all know moms are very busy.  They always want to know how to get more done during the day.  Here are four tips to be a little bit more productive and get some more done with just the twenty-four hours in a day.

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Step 1

Morning are a great time to get yourself focused and ready for the day.  Start your day not by checking emails or social media but by eating a good breakfast.  Use this time before the kids get up and the busy day starts.  This is a good time to start a to do list and get the order of things.

Step 2

There are so many things that get done during the day.  Some of them don’t always help you be as productive as you can you be.  When you are making the list of everything you want to get done during the day cut out those little things that don’t end up being productive.  Things like being doing laundry and cleaning the house are productive.  Doing all these things get stuff done but only doing one load or one room won’t make you feel productive.

Step 3

Cut your to-do list in half.  Take the less is more approach.  Start with a shorter list and as you are able to get those done then add two it.  This can be as few as one or two tasks or more like nine or ten.  The point is that most people are more likely to be able to cross everything off if there is less.

Step 4

Take more breaks. It doesn’t matter what you do on that break.  This will let your brain get some more blood and oxygen to help you think more clearly.  These breaks will greatly increase your productivity.

There are five more steps to go over that I will go over in the next post.  These tips can be used in anything.  From just getting things done at mom or in a business like Scentsy.