Kentucky Moms Love The Tote Pump

Kentucky Moms all across the Blue Grass state are celebrating the glory of the tote pump in everything they do. This is because this particular piece of equipment is so very versatile and usable for a whole host of activities. A comprehensive listing of this host of activities is well beyond the scope of a blog post of this sort and variety. However, we can provide a smattering of these activities in order to give our loyal readers a taste of these activities. And with this knowledge they can go on to do their own research and in this way they will be able to better understand and appreciate this subject on a much deeper level.


The secret to this blog post is that the Blue Grass state is very familiar with this specific piece of equipment. And the reason that the Blue Grass state enjoys this familiarity is because of the special connection the piece of equipment has with the very unique history of the state. Now, a complete recitation of this historical connection is well beyond the scope of this blog post. However, we can provide a smattering of these activities in order to provide for our loyal readers a better understanding of what it is we are endeavoring to explain here.

It is no simple task to endeavor to explain any specific subject to a person who is not in a position to understand it. This is a true statement because a person who does not make themselves ready to learn something will not absorb the information given to them. In other words a person can not be taught something against their will. Put another way still, one can lead a horse to water but one cannot make it drink even if the horse races in Kentucky!