The Esteemed Mr. Baio

The Republican National Convention has been an interesting spectacle to watch during this 2016 presidential election season. It goes without saying that no ordinary maid service Salt Lake City was employed to clean the Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland, Ohio in which the convention was held. One aspect of this unique convention that has defied convention (no pun intended if indeed that is a pun) has been the presence of Donald Trump throughout the entire convention. Usually the nominee does not make an appearance until the final night of the convention. It seems that the purpose of keeping the nominee from appearing until the end is to build a dramatic suspense that rises into a crescendo when the candidate finally appears.


Another unique aspect to this convention has been the absence of traditional Republican Party bigwigs. The Bush family has been noticeably absent as have the last two Republican presidential nominees Mitt Romney former governor of Massachusetts and John McCain the esteemed Senator from Arizona. The wacko ex governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has also been absent but not because she does not support the candidacy of Donald Trump. Her son was recently charged with domestic violence which probably accounts for her non appearance.


Perhaps no assessment of the Republican National Convention would be complete without the acknowledgment that Scott Baio tv’s Chachi from the famous sitcoms Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi made an impactful appearance. It has never been confirmed whether Mr. Baio employs a house keeping service Salt Lake City. Whether or not that fact is germane to a discussion of the Republican National Convention is a question that will be left to the web crawlers reading this article. What is germane to the discussion is that the esteemed Mr. Biao reaffirmed the truism that being an American does not equate to getting free stuff.

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