Kentucky Moms Relax in a Shuttle From Salt Lake City to Park City

Recently a group of Kentucky Moms took a field trip to Utah where they used a shuttle from Salt Lake City to Park City in order to see the sights. This shuttle allowed them to relax as they made the transit from one Utah city to the other. No Kentucky Mom had to look at a map or ask for directions. No Kentucky Mom had to fiddle with the G. P. S. system and hope that it did not take them on a wild bantha chase. No all they had to do was sit back in the comfortable seat and look out the windows at the haunting Utah landscape as it passed them by.



Now one might reasonably wonder why this event rises to the level of importance where it merits its own blog post. First of all, it is not all that often that Kentucky Moms get a chance to get away from their kids. As the readers of this blog know, raising a family is more than a full time job. And it is necessary work because Kentucky children are logically the future of the Blue Grass State.

Indeed nothing can be more important than making sure that the next generation of Kentucky children grow up to be law abiding and productive citizens. This is all the more reason why Kentucky Moms deserve a break to recharge their batteries (so to speak). In this way, after they have taken a trip to Utah and allowed the Kentucky Dads or Kentucky Baby Sitters to watch their kids for a spell they will then return to Kentucky in a better state of mind. Then they will be able to perform their role as Kentucky Moms all the more effectively.