Kentucky Moms Also Love the Drum Pump

The results of our annual pump poll are in and it is now confirmed that most Kentucky Moms love the drum pump in all its forms and manifestations. They love this particular piece of equipment for the fact that it can easily and with very little mess extract the liquid contents from a industrial drum for use outside the drum. That is pretty much the main reason as to why Kentucky Moms love this particular piece of equipment but it should be noted that as far as reasons go it is a pretty powerful and convincing reason to rely upon.


This love that comes from Kentucky Moms is not just a preference but it is in fact a will of Kentucky Moms for the good of this particular piece of equipment. This sentiment might seem a bit strange to some our our loyal readers. To other readers it might not seem so strange at all. Whether or not this sentiment seems strange to any one reader probably depends upon a great number of complicated factors. And an assessment of these factors is really beyond the scope of this particular blog post. However, certain observations concerning these factors can be made.

First of all, the love of Kentucky Moms for this particular piece of equipment might seem strange because love in the form of willing the good of another is generally extended towards living beings and no inanimate objects. This is true even if the inanimate object performs a particularly useful function. When one wishes the good of an inanimate object it is unclear just what type of good we are referring to. For example, does this mean that the person wishes that the object lasts a long time without decay? One might reasonably inquire as to whether the inanimate object appreciates this love on any level.