How Much Could You be Making?

Many of you have heard the saying that being a mom is a full time job.  Mom’s have so many roles to fill so let’s look at what they would get paid if they were being paid.  This post will break down the different roles of a mom and what they would get paid for what they do.





In 2014 it was found that mom juggle about 96.5 hours of work each week.  That is a whole lot of overtime.  So what are mom doing for all those hours.  Lets start with child care.  That is a mothers main role and is what most people would say takes up the most time.  Moms also teach basic skills like counting and saying the alphabet.  In a recent study it was found that moms spent 14.5 hours teaching these skills.  Most teachers would be paid a little over twelve dollars an hour.  I’ll leave the math to you.

Lets move on to the house hold chores.  Moms are the built in housekeepers moms and spend 14.6 hours cleaning their houses and doing laundry for their families.  If they hired a housekeeper they would be paying somewhere around ten dollars an hour.  Their is also cooking, moms are the chefs of the house. Moms will spend about 14.5 hours cooking.  A professional chef would get paid about fourteen dollars an hour.  Again the math is in your court.

There are also all the other things that moms do the driving and the janitor and the computer specialist.  And all of these would if hired out would be a good chunk of change.  If we add up all the jobs and the hours spent that would equal about forty hours.  Let’s not forget the additional 56.6 hours of overtime.  With all this added up that would put mom earning about $118,905.  So moms don’t forget how much you really are worth.  But because moms don’t get paid which is sad, there are many companies like Scentsy that can help.

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