Finding the Balance

How many of you working moms have a hard time finding the balance between work and spending time with and taking care of your kids and family?  55% of working moms find that finding a balance is difficult and overwhelming.  There are two reasons why moms decide to go back to work.  The first being their family is in need of the finical help and the second reason is that moms do enjoy career and working.  How can we help these working moms?



Lets start by finding out what is the most important thing to these moms. The biggest thing that working moms need are flexible  hours so that they can be around to take kids to their activities or just to be there when they get home.  They also like the option to work from home.  Which would make sense.  Many moms given the choice would rather work from home if given the chance.  They also would like to have a generous maternity leave and on site day-cares.  To any employers reading this post, this could be a way that you help out the women working for you.  This could help them be more productive in the long run.

Women as we know are very social beings.  Many mothers feel that their co-workers understand their situation and are supportive.   Others say that their co-workers are supportive but don’t understand and the rest of these women said that their co-workers are indifferent to their situation.  We all have our own struggles let’s be supportive and help those around us.  Let’s get these moms the support they need.  There are also many other options for mom’s who need to work.

There are many companies like Scentsy that allow moms to work on their terms.  These companies can you be a stay at home mom but still be helping your family in terms of finances.

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