Drum Heaters and Kentucky Moms

Kentucky Moms intuitively know that the ultimate source of warmth emanating from a drum heater ultimately comes from the sun itself. Allow me to explain. All heat in the universe comes from the original big bang which happened around thirteen and a half billion years ago. This heat spread out in all directions as the universe expanded. Of course as the heat spread out the ambient temperature would feel cooler. But Kentucky Mothers know that the law of conservation of energy holds that matter and energy cannot neither be created nor destroyed but rather changes from different states. So, although the energy spread out the sum total remains the same.


Kentucky Moms may wonder where the heat goes when it has spread out and feels cool. Well the answer to this question is that the heat (or energy) remains within each atom. Accordingly, when we bring atoms together as in the sun and every star in the galaxy the heat is made manifest to our senses. As Kentucky Moms know well when enough atoms get together in a specific location they will produce a gravitational effect on the fabric of space and time. This gravitational effect will actually bend space and time. This curvature in turn has the effect of collecting more atoms in the curvature.

As Kentucky Moms can foretell, there is a run away freight train effect at play here. The more atoms collected in one place, the more space and time is curved. The more space and time is curved, the more atoms this pocket in space and time will collect. The result is more and more atoms being compressed together. This creates heat from the friction of the atoms bumping up against each other. Once the heat reaches 15 million degrees Celsius the hydrogen fuses into helium creating light and heat. This is a star and this is the source of the heat in the drum Kentucky Moms!