Displaying The Signs and Banners Unique to Kentucky Moms

Do Kentucky Moms display signs and banners any more than moms from any other state? I would be lying if I said this topic has not been explored ad nauseum already. That said, what possible harm could one more piece of analysis on this subject inflict upon us. In a sense we have been inoculated against this harm. Accordingly, the analysis of this subject in this blog piece should have at best a negligible effect. With that understanding clearly affixed in our collective mind let us boldly go forth and explore this subject. If harm be done then so be it.


The logical first part of this subject to explore is what type of signs are Kentucky Moms likely to display. If one thinks about it, the signs this specific population is likely to display are signs that convey the information that this specific population is interested in. So what is this information exactly? Does this information differ to any significant degree from the information that moms from other states might have want to display upon their signs? It is difficult to answer these questions without having performed any research. We must establish that point from the outset.

Despite the fact that absolutely no research of any kind has been performed on this subject does not mean that we cannot write a three hundred word article about it. I think we have proved that point time and time again on this blog. The Kentucky Moms who make up our most loyal readership should be well aware that this is most certainly the case. And one might reasonably argue that performing research on a subject does not necessarily create the basis of a better blog piece. It might but then again it might not.