It’s Time For A Massage Therapist Salt Lake City

After a long day of working from home there is nothing like having an appointment with a massage therapist Salt Lake City to unwind and forget about your cares. You know that you deserve it. Working from home is not as easy as it might seem to someone who has never tried to do it themselves. First of all, there is no one looking over your shoulder to make sure that you get done what you are supposed to get done. For this reason if you work from home you have to be self motivated and motivating the self takes a lot of energy.


It takes more energy to motivate yourself than it does to have another person motivate you because the energy behind the motivation comes from yourself. So in addition to the energy you need to employ to perform your job to the best of your ability you must also employ energy to motivate yourself. In a sense this requires double the energy. This is true because when you work from home there are many distractions that can derail your efforts to perform your job.

After your work from home day is done your energy will be depleted. Not only will you have spent the energy you would normally have spent to perform your job but you will also have spent the additional energy required to motivate yourself. It is at this point that you will need something to rejuvenate yourself. This is precisely the point when a massage therapist can step in to save the day. After you experience the healing touch of a professional massage therapist practicing their craft in Salt Lake City, Utah you will emerge (quite literally) a new man or woman.

Join Scentsy After the Holidays

The post holiday time period is the ideal time of the year to join Scentsy. This is true for many reasons. First of all most people are financially drained after all of the entertaining and gift giving associated with the holiday season. Accordingly, becoming a Scentsy sales consultant is a great way to earn the extra money to close the financial gap as it were. Second of all, the new year is a great time to embark upon new endeavors. The psychological reboot that arrives on January 1st gives any person the gumption to get up and try something new.


The act of becoming an independent Scentsy sales consultant is the act of taking a step into the realm of financial freedom. A Scentsy sales consultant can choose their own hours earning money in their spare time. Moreover, there is no limit to the amount of money that a Scentsy sales consultant can earn once they establish their own rhythm of sales and a personal customer base. Moreover, Scentsy sales consultants can earn money by recruiting additional sales consultants. Often time recruiting new sales consultants is more lucrative than actually selling the many Scentsy products.

Many people are hesitant to join an organization that has the appearance of a multi-level sales scheme. The concern is that it is actually more difficult to earn money under this type of organizational structure because the more sales consultants in operation the less customer base there is to go around. Also, the concern exists that there can only be a limited number of new sales consultants to recruit because after a few generations of recruiting there are not enough people in the world to fill the ranks. Fortunately, in the world of Scentsy this is not a problem. This is true for a very simple reason.

The Kentucky Mom / Water Damage Utah Link

There is a link that exists between Kentucky Moms and water damage Utah. This may seem unlikely considering that the state of Kentucky is located 1,650 miles to the east of the state of Utah. But this link exists never the less and it is a link that requires some in depth discussion. The discussion is necessary because this link is more important than many people (the readers of the Kentucky Moms Blog not withstanding) might be willing to accept. Of course this introduction sounds a little cryptic but understand that every single word has been precisely chosen in order to effectively convey this most vital of information.

Kentucky Moms Know Water Damage Utah!

A proper understanding of this esoteric subject begins with a reminder that Kentucky is home to the famous horse race known as the Kentucky Derby. Many people are aware that the women who attend the Kentucky Derby (many of whom happen to be Kentucky Moms themselves) wear elaborate hats and sip on the cocktail known as the Mint Juleps. Now, the distance around the track at the Kentucky Derby is 1 14 miles or 10 furlongs. Now, if one were to multiply the distance between Kentucky and Utah which is 1,650 miles by 1.25 which is the number of miles around the Kentucky Derby track the product would be 2,062.5 miles.

The number 2,062.5 is significant because interestingly enough this just so happens to be the exact number of houses damaged by water in Utah every year. This, my loyal readers, is the link that exists between Kentucky and water damage Utah. Now the fact that Kentucky Moms are in attendance at the Kentucky Derby adorned in their elaborate hats brings this link around full circle. It is interesting to note that many of us go about our lives fully unaware of the many numerical links that bind us all together.



Work / Life Balance

Kentucky Moms know that one of the most effective ways to dream the unlimited dream is to bite the bullet an join Scentsy. Of course this is not the only way in which to dream the unlimited dream it goes without saying that joining Scentsy is among the top ten most effective strategies. This is true because when a Kentucky Mom joins Scentsy as an independent sales consultant she will then be a prime position to cultivate an independent stream of income. By independent I mean a stream of income that does not rely upon a standard 9 to 5 employment situation.

Moreover, when a Kentucky Mom makes the choice to join Scentsy she will then gain a significant degree of freedom and flexibility in terms of the hours she chooses to work. This is true because the Scentsy corporate structure does not require its sales consultants to work fixed hours or to follow fixed procedures. Most Scentsy independent sales consultants make their sales by scheduling parties and social gatherings where Scenty products can be introduced to the potential customers who had been invited to the party. This not only makes the sales experience a personal and one on one experience for the Scentsy sales consultant but it also makes the sales process a more casual and therefore less stressful affair.

Many Kentucky Moms who have joined Scentsy as an independent sales consultant report that their freedom and flexibility as well as the income stream creates the perfect work life balance. As every working mother knows, a balance between work and personal life is a crucial obstacle to navigate in order to achieve any degree of happiness and satisfaction. In addition to work life balance the extra stream of income helps to make the challenges of life that much easier for Kentucky Moms!

Interview With an ASVAB Test Administrator

First of all, what is the ASVAB?


ATA : The ASVAB is shorthand for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Basically it is a test administered to all candidates for enlistment into the United States Armed Services.


Do all candidates for enlistment need to take this test regardless of the branch of the United States Armed Services they are trying to enlist in?


ATA : Yes, candidates for the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines Corps, Coast Guard and National Guard all must sit for the ASVAB.


What is the ASVAB used for?


ATA : The ASVAB is administered both to determine the candidate’s qualification for enlistment and also to determine what jobs within the United States Armed Services best suit the candidate’s skill set.


How do most people prepare to take the ASVAB.


ATA : Typically candidates for enlistment study for the ASVAB by taking an ASVAB practice test.


What subjects are tested in the ASVAB?


ATA : The ASVAB covers ten distinct subject areas in both a written section and a standardized computerized section. The ten subject areas include General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Automotive and Shop Information, Mechanical Comprehension, Assembling Objects and finally Verbal Expression.


Does the ASVAB practice test cover all of these subjects?


ATA : Yes. The ASVAB practice test is simply a prior version of the ASVAB administered in a prior year.


Are there any other benefits associated with taking a practice version of the ASVAB?


ATA : Yes. Taking a practice version of an ASVAB will introduce the candidate to the format of the test in addition to making the candidate familiar with the various subject areas.


Is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery a difficult test?


ATA : The ASVAB can be challenging for some people. However, anyone with a high school education has a pretty good chance of passing the test if they prepare properly.


What does it actually mean to smell something?


SS : That is an odd question. What do you mean?


You have made the decision to join Scentsy. Therefore you work with scents on a daily basis. Scents are very much your stock and trade. You must have had some thoughts on the subject of taking in scents through the nose.


SS : Not really.


How can you say that? When a person has made the decision to join Scentsy he has decided to be a purveyor of fragrance. To make this decision necessarily means that person has decided to devote his life to scents. Surely such a decision carries with it certain philosophical curiosities. Surely the greater meaning of the olfactory experience is something you must ponder on a daily basis!


SS : I’ve never thought about it actually.


How can that be?


SS : I am not a philosophical person by nature. To me Scentsy is just a pay check. I did not join Scentsy because I had some existentially calling to become a purveyor of fragrance as you say. I joined Scentsy because I needed a job and Scentsy was hiring. Now don’t get me wrong. I am grateful to Scentsy for giving me the opportunity to earn an income and to be able to do so in such a flexible manner that I can make my own hours and earn as many commissions as I can sell. I like all that. But to say that I do all this because I have a calling to sell Scents is a true misrepresentation of reality. Moreover, it is also a misrepresentation of reality to say that because I sell Scents that I therefore also possess a philosophical curiosity about the nature of the sense of smell.


Well I’m just flabbergasted.

The Esteemed Mr. Baio

The Republican National Convention has been an interesting spectacle to watch during this 2016 presidential election season. It goes without saying that no ordinary maid service Salt Lake City was employed to clean the Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland, Ohio in which the convention was held. One aspect of this unique convention that has defied convention (no pun intended if indeed that is a pun) has been the presence of Donald Trump throughout the entire convention. Usually the nominee does not make an appearance until the final night of the convention. It seems that the purpose of keeping the nominee from appearing until the end is to build a dramatic suspense that rises into a crescendo when the candidate finally appears.


Another unique aspect to this convention has been the absence of traditional Republican Party bigwigs. The Bush family has been noticeably absent as have the last two Republican presidential nominees Mitt Romney former governor of Massachusetts and John McCain the esteemed Senator from Arizona. The wacko ex governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has also been absent but not because she does not support the candidacy of Donald Trump. Her son was recently charged with domestic violence which probably accounts for her non appearance.


Perhaps no assessment of the Republican National Convention would be complete without the acknowledgment that Scott Baio tv’s Chachi from the famous sitcoms Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi made an impactful appearance. It has never been confirmed whether Mr. Baio employs a house keeping service Salt Lake City. Whether or not that fact is germane to a discussion of the Republican National Convention is a question that will be left to the web crawlers reading this article. What is germane to the discussion is that the esteemed Mr. Biao reaffirmed the truism that being an American does not equate to getting free stuff.

A Conversation with a Scentsy Sales Consultant

So you work with Scentsy?


SC : How did you know?


For starters, your wood paneled station wagon is filled with boxes labeled Scentsy candle warmers. Also I can smell about twenty distinct aromas wafting from the direction of your car.


SC : Guilty as charged.


So how did you make the decision to join Scentsy?


SC : I was looking for an opportunity where I could make my own hours and be my own boss. Joining Scentsy as a sales consultant seemed to fit that description.


Have you had a bad experience working for other people?


SC : Yes, I used to work for a company that will remain nameless. I had a supervisor that was always looking over my shoulder and always making me feel like I was trying to hide something or pull one over on the company. I honestly went into work each day trying to do my best and give value to the company so I did not appreciate being made to feel like that was not what I was doing.


Is that the best thing about your decision to join Scentsy?


SC : It is a great thing. But I also really believe in Scentsy’s products. There are so many different types of scents available. There are far too many for me to describe. But I can say without many exceptions that I love each and every one of them.


Do you find that most people who buy Scentsy products have an odor problem they are trying to contend with?


SC : Some of them definitely do. But some of them just want to be in the company of a pleasant scent and not necessarily to cover up a bad one.


In that sense I suppose you could say that there is nothing inherently dishonest about Scentsy products even though they could be used to cover up the truth about the way a room actually smells.


SC : What an odd thing to say.

What To Know About Maid Service Vancouver

What To Know About Maid Service Vancouver

Do you have any idea on the benefits of hiring maid service? Well, if not, here is the right place for you, in Vancouver, may residents take environmental sustainability seriously through hiring maids.

There are a number of benefits of hiring a maid service Vancouver and they are as follows:

i. Professionalism

Hiring a maid will help you to ensure that everything is done professionally and in that case quality will always be high, more so, hiring professionals will help you to ensure that you get the real value for both your time and money.

ii. Ensures regular cleaning

In most cases, commercial properties or business needs to be cleaned each and every time so as to create a good working environment; in that case, they will be able to offer cleaning services as the business continue.

iii. Reliability

They are always reliable and they will always get to your place within the shortest time possible upon your request to offer you high quality services, more so, they are always available at any given time of the day.

iv. Experience

Hiring maid services will help you to ensure that you get the best within the shortest time possible simply because, they have fully mastered the art of cleaning and also the fact that they have got all the necessary skills and expertise to give you the best.

v. Custom cleaning plan

All maid services can always be customized so as to suit your specific needs. Through this, they can work on different settings and structures more so in a professional setting.

In conclusion, hiring maid service is one on the best ways to save on time and money and in the process; you will be able to create a good working environment without the need of cleaning it yourself and at the end of it all you will have saved a lot of time.

9 Super Tips to Get More Done Part One

We all know moms are very busy.  They always want to know how to get more done during the day.  Here are four tips to be a little bit more productive and get some more done with just the twenty-four hours in a day.

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Step 1

Morning are a great time to get yourself focused and ready for the day.  Start your day not by checking emails or social media but by eating a good breakfast.  Use this time before the kids get up and the busy day starts.  This is a good time to start a to do list and get the order of things.

Step 2

There are so many things that get done during the day.  Some of them don’t always help you be as productive as you can you be.  When you are making the list of everything you want to get done during the day cut out those little things that don’t end up being productive.  Things like being doing laundry and cleaning the house are productive.  Doing all these things get stuff done but only doing one load or one room won’t make you feel productive.

Step 3

Cut your to-do list in half.  Take the less is more approach.  Start with a shorter list and as you are able to get those done then add two it.  This can be as few as one or two tasks or more like nine or ten.  The point is that most people are more likely to be able to cross everything off if there is less.

Step 4

Take more breaks. It doesn’t matter what you do on that break.  This will let your brain get some more blood and oxygen to help you think more clearly.  These breaks will greatly increase your productivity.

There are five more steps to go over that I will go over in the next post.  These tips can be used in anything.  From just getting things done at mom or in a business like Scentsy.